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I am John Cesta,  the Knights of Columbus Insurance Field Agent for:

- St. Rita Wellington 8419 

- Our Lady Queen of the Apostles RPB 12376

- ST THERESE DE LISIEUX Lake Worth 12873 

- Saint Luke's in Green Acres 16018

- Santa Maria in PGA 4999

- Mary Immaculate West Palm Beach

Today there is no higher rated insurer in 

North America than the Knights of Columbus. 

Visit the Knights of Columbus Insurance website and find out why! 

The day after 911 the board of directors of a large organization asked a few of their members for help. These members were tasked with going out and locating the families of the victims of 911. When the families were located they were given checks. No questions, no delays, no complicated paperwork.

The organization was the Knights of Columbus.  The video tells the story.

Did you know:

- The Knights of Columbus have 19 billion dollars in assets
- Our portfolio is invested with 87% in highly rated fixed income investments
- The order performs exhaustive research on the companies we invest in, focusing on their credit quality, industry position, the strength of their management team, and overall financial strength
- We focus on BROAD PORTFOLIO DIVERSIFICATION so the largest individual investment represents just 0.34% of total assets!!
- Guaranteed lifetime premiums
- We do not invest in the stock market
- Your investment $ will never go to embryonic stem cell research pornography, abortion or any thing against Catholic moral values
- We have never increased premiums on our LTC since we offered it to members
- GUARANTEED lifetime interest rate on our retirement product
- No administration fee, upfront fee or annual fee on retirement product
- Life insurance underwritten by us - Knights of Columbus
- In business by members for members since 1882 - 133 years!
- No safer place with better GUARANTEES than the KOFC
- There is no higher rated insurer in North America than the Knights of Columbus
- Our guarantees set us apart

Knights of Columbus life insurance offers something precious few other financial products can — guarantees. As long as you pay your premiums, the policy proceeds will be there for your beneficiaries should something happen to you. We call that peace of mind, and that’s what we offer with our Shield for Life.

- We guarantee the cash value in your whole life policies will be there.
- We guarantee the rates on your term insurance.
- We guarantee our retirement products will provide a stream of income when you need it.
- On top of those product guarantees, I guarantee that I will offer professional, high-quality service that you would expect from our organization.

A Parish priest ahead of his time.

Created by John Cesta FIC Knights of Columbus Insurance